The kind of education that is being imparted in schools and colleges has exclusively become bread-oriented. The purpose of modern education, in present day world, is merely to win a good material and luxurious life and for this purpose, one seems to be ready to unhesitatingly devastate the whole world. There can be no doubt that all major problems of the contemporary world, for instance nuclear armament, ecological crisis, corruptions, conflict, uncontrolled use of natural resources arise due to this deficient and lop-sided system of education. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, a great Indian philosopher and former President of India, has described this state of affairs in the following words:

“Man has learnt how to fly in the air; man has learnt how to swim in the water; but, he has not learnt how to live on earth as a human being.”

Modern education, devoid of humanitarian framework, a proper orientation, and spirituality has brought more harm for human society than welfare. Education is beneficial for human race when it is at once modern and deeply rooted in ethics, self purification and spirituality.

With this vision in mind two distinguished scholars of our community viz. Maulana Dr. Syed Kalbe Sadiq & Professor Ali Mohd. Naqvi laid the foundation of M.U. Educational Society in the educational city of Aligarh in 1994. This society established an institute in 1997 with only 14 students on roll.

Along with these chief founders, those who helped establish the society and the institute were the highly distinguished group of community members: Mr. S.M. Ali Hasnain, Prof. Masjood Hasan, Dr. Baqir Mehdi, Raja Sahib Mahmoodabad, Dr. Jafar Zaki, Dr. Waris Hasan etc. It would not have been possible to fulfill the dream and vision of the founders to any extent without the co-operation and efforts of these noted individuals.

When the first batch of 14 students joined the campus there was no electricity, no telephone line and no approach road to the institute. After a series of initial set backs and hardship, a ray of hope was seen in this project. The next session (1998-99) saw the kindling of interest and enthusiasm in the parents to send their children to this institution. 20 new students were selected from the eastern and western parts of Uttar Pradesh in this year. People began to discuss and debate this institution; naturally some were positive and few negative.

The third session (1999-00) marked the beginning of a new era of success. Our network expanded to Jammu & Kashmir this time. A total number of 71 students were enrolled in this session: 28 from Kashmir, 25 from Western UP, 15 from Lucknow and 3 from Allahabad.

In this following years students started coming from the places as far as Kargil and Gujarat. And last year (2008-09) 6 students joined the institute from Tanzania, Africa to give it an international status.

TodayM.U.College is having its own big campus of around 10,000 square yards to its name with some excellent infrastructure which includes college building, students’ hostel, a big dining hall and a spacious prayer hall. The institution presently has students from more than half a dozen states of the country and is ready to reach new heights.

The hallmark of education in M.U.College is a blend of knowledge, purification and spirituality with the respect of human values viz. equality, liberality and freedom.

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