We strongly believe that the teacher is the pivot of the educational process and whatever the policies and programmes of the school, in the final analysis it is the teacher who has to execute them and see them through. One of the special features of M.U.College has been the close bonding between the teacher and the taught, very much in the said tradition of Ustaad and Shagird. In a continued effort to keep up with the time, the school has provided basic computer training for most of its teaching staff.

Faculty at M.U.College are mentors, role models and inspirations in themselves. They meet the challenge with innovations and encouragement. Commitment at work is seen in the energetic discussions in and out of the classrooms between young minds and the experienced teachers who will do anything to see you succeed.

Followed by the list of staff with qualifications/designations.


Profile of Teachers – 2014-15

S. No.

Name of the Teacher



Subject Teaching

 1. Mr. Syed Mohd. Haider Naqvi Principal / PGT Commerce M.Com., B.Ed., P.G.D.B.A., P.G.A.O.M. Commerce & Commercial Studies
 2. Mr. Sayed Shabab Haider PGT – Maths M.A. (Maths), B.Ed. Maths
 3. Ms. Naheed Zehra PGT – Geography M.Sc. (Geog.), B.Ed., M.Ed. Geography & Maths
 4. Mr. Nadeem Ahmad PGT – PHE M.P.Ed., PGDCA, Dip. in Hardware & Networking PHE & G.K.
 5. Mrs. Amatuz Zehra PGT – Urdu M. Phil (Urdu), B.Ed. Urdu
 6. Mrs. Shahnaz Bano Khan PGT – Hindi M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. Hindi
 7. Mrs. Huma Zaidi TGT – Science M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed. Physics, Chemistry &  Biology
 8. Mr. Manoj Agrawal TGT – Maths M.A. (Maths), B.Ed. Maths
 9. Mr. Ravendra Pal Singh PGT-Accountancy M. Com., M.Ed. Accountancy & Commercial Studies
 10. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singhal TGT-Computer M.Sc. (IT), PGDCA, DISM, B.Sc. Computer  & Maths
 11. Mrs. Nishat Fatima Rizvi TGT-English M.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Eng.) in Process English
 12. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi PGT-Biology M.Sc., Ph.D. (Human Genetics), Pursuing B.Ed. Biology
 13. Ms. Waheeda Fatima PGT-English M.A. (English), B.Ed. English
 14. Ms. Maryam Hafeez PGT-Economics B.A., M.A. (Eco.), B.Ed. Economics
 15. Mr. Mohd. Arshad TGT-SSt. M.A. (Hist.), B.Ed. History Civics & Geography
 16. Ms. Nishat Fatima Zaidi TGT-English M.Phil (ELT) English
 17. Mr. Asif PGT-Chemistry M.Sc. & B.Ed. Chemistry
 18. Mr. Mohd. Ahmad PGT-Physics M.Sc., B.Ed., M. Tech. Physics
 19. Mr. Faraz Anwar TGT-Art & Craft B.F.A. & M.F.A. Art & Craft
 20. Mr. Parvez Aley Hasan Librarian M. Lib., B.Lib., DLIS, B.A.  Librarian


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