About Us

M.U. College provides ICSE/ISC curriculum up to STD XII. The College also provides Religious Studies to highest possible standard in an Islamic environment. The focus of the present Administration is sustenance of excellence in academics & curricular activities, and the provision of stable infrastructural facilities for students to attain a high level of education, both in academic pursuit and development of an all embracing personality, through adequate and qualitative teaching.

 Geographical and Demographical Placement of College:

 The college is situated at a distance of 130 Km South East of Delhi on Grand Trunk Road route. The latitude is 27 degree 54 minute north and longitude is 78 degree 5 minute east. The climate is hot and dry in summer (mid – February to mid June) and cool and dry in winter (mid October to mid February) with an intervening rainy season. The campus is just at the walking distance from the UniversityMedicalCollege, 3 Km away from the main city and about 4 Km from Aligarh Railway Station. The main College building and the Residential Hostel are located in one campus.

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