Secretary General

Our President and guiding spirit, Maulana Dr. Kalbe Sadiq has been an inspiring elder brother for me and a fatherly figure for M.U. College. His sincerity and incessant efforts for the cause have been exemplary. He is our great leader, a beacon light and a tower of strength for us.

We believe in the unity of mankind, respect for all cultures and a universal brotherhood, created on the foundations of one God, one mankind, a common ancestry. We do not subscribe to the thesis of the clash of civilizations. All civilizations and great religions share similar values and these commonalities should be emphasized. However, the multiplicities of cultures and thoughts should be respected, as this constitutes the beautiful, universal pattern of diversity.

Spread of education and awareness, and the message of love, peace, brotherhood, spirituality, and to make the world a blessed place and India a great nation is our mission. These are our ideals. We must never forget them, we must incessantly work towards them. Each generation of M.U. College should pass on these ideals to the following generations.


Prof. Ali Muhammad Naqavi

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