President’s Message

Dr. Syed Kalbe Sadiq

I would like to offer some words of advice to these innocent children and concerned members of our community, who wish to see it flowering with success and excellence.

The rise and fall of a nation is in no way related to its being in a majority or a minority. Instead, the rise and fall of a nation is related to whether that nation is lively or lifeless.People of nations that are dormant, lethargic and ignorant may exist in the physical sense. However, such nations are practically dead. Insightful, vibrant, and sagacious nations prosper despite being a minority.

Vibrant nations are just like a fertile seed in the ground. Several elements in the ground can be detrimental to its existence. – from the moisture to the various constituents of thesoil. Nevertheless, the seed not only overcomes these hurdles, but uses these elements to acquire its strength, and grows into a corpulent tree, with strong roots deep into the same ground that was once its worst enemy. Similarly, one of the qualities of a vibrant nation is to benefit from the elements that may otherwise be detrimental to its existence. Dormant nations, on the other hand, are like an infertile seed. They are a victim of the ghetto-and victimized-mindset, thereby gradually losing their identity, eventually their very existence.

By continuously crying foul about the unfavorable circumstances, the Muslims of the sub-continent in general, and Shiites in particular, are unwillingly publicizing themselves as a dying, if not a dead, nation. It may not be easy, yet it is possible, to convert a dormant, ignorant and listless nation into one that is vibrant and thriving, provided it has not become a victim of emotionalism. It’s a pity that the Muslim leadership in general, and the Shiite leadership in particular, have turned the Muslim Ummah and Shiite Millat into an emotional lot, rather than a rational nation. A human by nature is rational. An animal, on the other hand, is instinctual. Dead decompose, and the fate of an animal is to be either slaughtered or become a lifetime servant of its master. Even people who are short-sighted and intellectually-challenged can sense this demise of Muslims in Hindustan.

M.U. College is not only an institution, it is a movement. A movement to give a wake up call to a community lying stagnant, inactive and victim of sheer emotionalism. To lead a movement to success, while it is essential to have monetary support, it is of utmost important that the organizers, administrators and volunteers work selflessly towards the target. By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT), we have had no difficulty in both these prerequisites. We sincerely pray to Allah (SWT) to induce the enthusiasm, determination and dedication that is essential for the success of any such project.

From this session a new academic and administrative block with spacious classrooms, equipped labs, offices and a state of art auditorium will be available to use for which our donors are worthy of all thanks. I expect from all the students to take maximum benefits out of this infrastructure and prepare themselves to lead humanity in general and their community in particular in all spheres.


Dr. Syed Kalbe Sadiq


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